Entertainment in massage club!!


Name: Hina


I go to various areas on business trip. I use PC a lot and carry a heavy bag all the time. So I have badly stiff shoulders and tired legs every day and go to massage parlor. However, I sometimes hit bad massage parlors that make my stiff shoulders worse or do not release my fatigue at all when I visit unknown places on business trip.


Meanwhile, a worker in a branch office invited me to a massage escort club. The massage club expands nationwide. I had used other massage escort clubs several times, but I had not expected real good massage in escort clubs honestly. Because I had not met a good masseuse in escort clubs, I did not expect at all then.


I asked him the website of the massage club. I checked girls’ profiles. The official website is clear that you can see stars that indicate which masseuse is good at massage. So you can choose your favorable masseuse good at massage.


Because they have branches all over in Japan, they are helpful to me often go on business trip. Are you tired from business trip? If so, you can refresh your body and soul in the massage club.


Escort Erotic Massage Club, Osaka Massage Escort 
[Phone] (+81)6-6212-1950 | [OPEN HRS] 9AM-5AM(GTM +9)
[Nationwide] www.erotic-massage-japan.com | [Booking] online booking here | [skype] japanescortmassageclub


⇒Entertainment in massage club!!

Sexual feeling massage in Tennoji developed rapidly!



Many men must feel Tennoji has changed these years though it was known for old style chin-chin tram? A big shopping mall opened, and the department store renewed. I think modern buildings increased keeping its traditional landscape.


Many businessmen for its good location use Tennoji Miyako Hotel of the big hotel group. Many gentlemen knowing adult entertainment use it to call delivery health.


The location is about 15 minutes by car from Nanba, the center of Osaka. Even if you are busy, you won’t wait long from the reservation on the phone. I recommend you to check in Tennoji Miyako Hotel if you are looking for a hotel in Tennoji area!


The best part of outcall escort service can be the excitement in the waiting time after a reservation call and the tense moment when the bell rang. Lots of men use outcall escort service nowadays. It might be a good idea to search escort sites when you feel horny! Tennoji Miyako Hotel is great if you use sexual feeling massage in Tennoji!


Escort Erotic Massage Club, Osaka Tennoji Miyako Hotel
[Phone] (+81)6-6212-1950 | [OPEN HRS] 9AM-5AM(GTM +9)
[Nationwide] www.erotic-massage-japan.com | [Booking] online booking here | [skype] japanescortmassageclub


⇒Sexual feeling massage in Tennoji developed rapidly!

Fukushima kaishun



I felt 回春 in Fukushima. Do you know kaishun?


Kaishun is to feel spring in literal translation. It means massage you can expect the effects like recovery or improvement of male genital function. The contents of the escort massage are things you cannot experience in normal esthetic salons or massage parlors. They are many and various like testicle massage or prostate massage and so on.


I enjoyed such a massage. I experienced kaishun massage in Fukushima. At first, I did not intend to. I came to Osaka on business trip and did sales job all day. I checked in the hotel in Fukushima. I was tired and wanted to call massage, but I wanted escort service, too. I met the massage club while I was searching on my mobile phone.


I experienced the characteristics of the massage, i.e. goodness. I cannot have this sexual feeling in other places. It was sensational. I appreciate this meeting of the fate and felt spring in Fukushima. Yes, I felt kaishun in Fukushima.


Escort Erotic Massage Club, Osaka Testicle Massage

[Phone] (+81)6-6212-1950 | [OPEN HRS] 9AM-5AM(GTM +9)
[Nationwide] http://www.erotic-massage-japan.com/ | [Booking] online booking here | [skype] japanescortmassageclub


⇒Fukushima kaishun

I will go to sexual massage!



Name: Yoshino


I seldom used escort clubs, but I start using a massage escort club recently that my friend invited me. It is escort service, but you can receive whole oil massage, lymph massage, and current popular kaishun massage.


You might imagine just escort service hearing sexual massage. But most masseuses in the massage escort club learn in good esthetic lessons and have qualifications.


Some girls have a higher-level qualification, so you can receive really good massage. The service of the massage escort club is surprising. Because the basic service includes regular oil massage, lymph massage, nipple licking, testicle massage, facesitting, and kaishun massage, you do not have to pay extra optional fee. The price is clear and secure.


If you like, you can have prostate massage and dry orgasm experience for free, which is a good VFM. If you add so many optional services in other escort clubs, the price will be very expensive?


Escort Erotic Massage Club, Osaka Sexual Massage

[Phone] (+81)6-6212-1950 | [OPEN HRS] 9AM-5AM(GTM +9)
[Nationwide] www.erotic-massage-japan.com | [Booking] online booking here | [skype] japanescortmassageclub


⇒I will go to sexual massage!

Escort service and Osaka



Escort and Osaka-city. Who could imagine these two different keywords turn into such an attractive result?


Dirt-cheap & delicious foods represented by Kuidaore (the expression “ruin oneself by one’s extravagance in food) are famous in Osaka. It has come a famous city not only domestic but also worldwide.

And massage escort service is one big category in escort business now. It is well-known hot escort service in Japan.


What is the relation between escort service and Osaka-shi? Yes, the massage escort club started from Osaka. The big group expands nationwide. They have branches in major cities from Sapporo, Hokkaido in North Japan to Kyushu in South Japan.


The tip of the popularity is their original erotic massage that you cannot have in normal massage. Furthermore, you can receive as good massage as regular esthetic massage. It is natural this becomes popular. Escort service, in Osaka. This is the key.


Escort Erotic Massage Club, Osaka Sexual-feeling Massage
[Phone] (+81)6-6212-1950 | [OPEN HRS] 9AM-5AM(GTM +9)
www.erotic-massage-japan.com | [Booking] online booking here | [skype] japanescortmassageclub

⇒Escort service and Osaka

Gaijin friendly escort service in Osaka



The escort has customer service for foreigners. The staff answered nicely to my friend in English. I was moved that there is an escort service in English.


He likes massage and often goes to massage parlors. Their professional oil massage matched his demand. Furthermore, he experienced facesittting and kaishun massage on his testicles for the first time and was excited at the erotic massage very much. He was impressed at the heavenly happy ending using nurulotion and wanted to use the escort again when he comes to Japan next time.


I would like to introduce this massage escort to my new foreign friend.


Escort Erotic Massage Club, Foreigner-friendly Escort
[Phone] (+81)6-6212-1950 | [OPEN HRS] 9AM-5AM(GTM +9)
[Nationwide] www.erotic-massage-japan.com | [Booking] online booking here | [skype] japanescortmassageclub


⇒Gaijin friendly escort service in Osaka

The best escort service for me living in Sakai-shi, Osaka



I found a lot of interesting spots in Sakai. However, have you heard that delivery health is good in Sakai-shi? To speak of escort service, people remind delivery health, i.e. deliheru is common. How has it come so popular?


Surely, other in-call service like soapland or SM club still exists. But it is not so general. Usage is a big deal for the man, too. He has go all the way to the real store. Furthermore, someone might see you entering and leaving the store.


Besides, Sakai-shi I live in has few in-call escort clubs. I had to go to Nanba for night entertainment. Now, outcall escort service spreads in Sakai-shi, too. I can enjoy it at home. I think the best part of delivery health is you can call in the service to your home.


It’s your home. You can relax and enjoy the service in your territory without no strain. Furthermore, there is massage escort service. Escort service good for your sweet time at home seem to increase. The hot entertainment in Sakai-shi is outcall escort service. The relaxation for residents in Sakai-shi is outcall escort service.

Escort Erotic Massage Club, Osaka-South Escort
[Phone] (+81)6-6212-1950 | [OPEN HRS] 9AM-5AM(GTM +9)
[Nationwide] www.erotic-massage-japan.com | [Booking] online booking here | [skype] japanescortmassageclub


⇒The best escort service for me living in Sakai-shi, Osaka

Chuo-ku Dotonbori Escort Club



Are you looking for escort club in Dotonbori area? There are many and various night entertainment spots for many visitors in busy Dotonbori (Minami), South Osaka. You come to Minami and are in Dotonbori now? We have “the adult entertainment for men” for you!


You can select from two types of courses: rendezvous course at Nipponbashi or Tanimachi 9-chome, and delivery course to your business hotel or home. The length of the session is various: 60 minutes, 75, 90, 120, or more. You can release all of your frustration and daily fatigue as long as the time allows. The best thing is you do not waste your precious time because you have to go all the way to the real store! A well-trained beautiful masseuse becomes topless with a g-string, and she provides whole body oil massage carefully and flexes your whole body muscles tired from work with perfect pressure.


After that, nipple licking, facesitting, testicle massage, and lymph massage arouse your sexual feeling gradually, and you ejaculate more powerful than usual in the last. Here is your happy ending! Is this your first time to hear about our kaishun sexual feeling massage? Or have you heard? Please call us if you remember us when you come to Dotonbori! We are very close to you.


Escort Erotic Massage Club, Osaka Minami Escort
[Phone] (+81)6-6212-1950 | [OPEN HRS] 9AM-5AM(GTM +9)
[Nationwide] www.erotic-massage-japan.com | [Booking] online booking here | [skype] japanescortmassageclub


⇒Chuo-ku Dotonbori Escort Club

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